The two teams of the plant pathology unit, Mistral and Virology, are involved in national and international research projects. The staff contribute significantly to animation of networks, to technical and scientific expertises...

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Genetic architecture of quantitative traits in plant-virus interactions: Consequences for the management of resistant and/or tolerant varieties at the landscape scale
Contribution to the development of a biocontrol agent against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on rapeseed
Building epidemiological surveillance and prophylaxis with observations both near and distant
Adaptation of the concept of ecological immunology to crop protection: Rosaceae and Solanaceae, two case studies
Development of Pseudomonas culture extract to reduce Septoria tritici blotch
Combining varieties to compel the adaptation of plant pathogen populations: how to solve the efficiency - sustainability - adoption trade-off?
Inferring pest dispersal in agricultural landscapes to improve management strategies – DISLAND
European Virus Archive goes global (EVAg)
Competition and facilitation between parasites as drivers of virulence evolution
To guarantee the sanitary state of garlic seeds during the multiplication process in order to obtain certified plants free of Fusarium
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